Ease for you with benefits for those who need

The FACED targets 10% of all net revenue for welfare entities.

Learn how it works Be a benefited entity

It is you who decides which entity will benefit!
The values are deducted only and exclusively from the income of the FACED.

You decide!

In the application FACED Payments, go to your profile and choose the entity that will receive the contribution.

THE FACED contributes!

We remind you that at any time you can change and choose another entity to be benefited.

If you do not choose, the FACED itself will determine.

Always some entity will benefited.

You entity, sign up!

Any non-profit entity, which performs charitable or environmental work, may participate.

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Download the FACED Shopkeeper, click here!

Download and install the application on your smartphone and register!

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Wait up to 48h.

In up to 48h, you will receive an email alert to confirm the registration, and, if there is any pending, you'll be warned.

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Request the inclusion of your entity, click here!

After confirming the registration, you must return on this page and fill in the application, to request the registration of your entity as a beneficiary.


Frequently asked questions

Where does the resource for the beneficiary entity come from?

  • The FACED charges companies that use the application to receive payments, the same procedure adopted by any credit card machine.
    From the resources obtained by the FACED, 10% of the net revenue will be destined to entites registered, in proportion to the expenses incurred by the users who choose the entities.

How is the payment made to the entities?

  • D + 30, the entity will receive the resource 30 days after the purchase transaction.